Get to know me

My name is Urszula Salter,

I am a passionate and driven Software Engineer based in New York City. Holding a major in Computer Science and Information Security from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY, I developed a strong technical skill set.

Proficient in C++, Java, and Python, I am highly experienced in both Windows and Linux operating systems.

My interests extend into cutting-edge topics like machine learning, cloud computing, mobile app development, cybersecurity, and cryptography.


I firmly believe in the philosophy that coding knowledge should be shared and accessible to all, a principle that guides my approach to both collaborative projects and individual endeavors.

With a commitment to innovation and problem-solving, I am eager to contribute to meaningful and impactful work in the field.

My Hard Skills

  • Programming Languages:   C++, C, Python, SQL, SML, Perl, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin
  • Web Development:               HTML & CSS
  • Version Control:                     Git
  • Cloud Technologies:             Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Containerization:                   Docker
  • Virtualization:                         VMware, VirtualBox
  • Forensic Data Analysis:        The Sleuth Kit, Volatility, FTK
  • Network Analysis:                 Wireshark, Nmap, Nessus
  • Post Exploitation Tools:       Metasploit, Powershell Empire, Mimikatz, Burp Suite
  • Network Protocols:              TCP/IP, HTTP, UDP, FTP
  • Security Frameworks:          NIST, OWASP, ISO 27000, MITRE ATT&CK
  • Operating systems:              Windows XP-11, Kali Linux, RedhatLinux, Ubuntu 16-23

My Soft Skills

  • Ability to take ownership and lead initiatives from idea to implementation
  • Excellent communication skills for conveying complex technical information
  • Problem-solving skills and adaptability to navigate challenges
  • Strong focus on improving user and developer experience
  • Dedication to diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Leadership skills to guide and mentor other team members
  • Detail-oriented to ensure high-quality and secure outputs
  • Proactive learning mindset to stay updated with new technologies and best practices in application security
  • Ability to multitask and manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Strong collaborative skills